Google kills off Picasa for Google Photos

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condesign / Pixabay Picasa is Google’s desktop app to manage photos, and on March 15th, will be discontinuing the application and support. It’s kinda of sad, because it was a good desktop competitor for users not on OS X and didn’t have access to the Photos app. Users of Picasa will find their photos already…

Are you a Google Photos user? I love the app. I’m not an ios user though. I have all android and Google devices. What is the experience like on ios?

I use the app just for my phone photos. Seems to work pretty well, no complaints. And I like when it makes animations out of related photos.

For the family we use a shared Flickr account and our Google Drive accounts. With the CameraSync app for iPhone we upload all of our phone pictures to the Flickr account and to our Google Drive account. That way we have backups of our photos, just in case something happens to either service. Flickr offers 1TB of storage, so I doubt we’ll hit that.