Pens and paperare "not fair" to students #edtechex

I don’t think Microsoft wanted to offend all of those teachers that awesome things with pen, paper, and chalk, but what do I know?

Teachers using pens and paper in the classroom “not fair” to students, Microsoft official says

Pens and paper have no place in the modern classroom. And chalkboards? They should be banished from our schools too.

That’s what Lia De Cicco Remu, director of Partners in Learning at Microsoft Canada, told the Georgia Straight ahead of the Microsoft Summit 2015 in Vancouver, which is set to be attended by around 200 teachers.

I carry with me a notebook and pen. I use it for a number of tasks daily from taking a quick note to more complex tasks. While I am an advocate for technology, there are times where a pen and paper make more sense in my opinion. I just recently finished building a desk which has a whiteboard surface on that I use for note taking. I have also mounted whiteboard surfaces in the home office for the purpose of drawing out or taking notes.

I don’t like eliminating any tool, unless the cost of said tool outweighs
it’s usefulness (interactive whiteboards, I’m looking at you).