The web is a new monopoly #edtechex

While discussing the $9 CHIP computer, @ScottKinkoph brought up a good point about the performance of the CHIP. I assumed he was talking about web performance, and that’s when it me that the web has become a new monopoly.

Five years ago the argument was Microsoft Office. Was a platform relevant if it didn’t support Microsoft Office? Apple’s iOS platform proved that you didn’t have to have Microsoft Office to be useful.

Can a device be viable if it doesn’t have a browser?

I think a device can be useful without a web browser. The device though would have to serve a limited function though. I think of the Pebble, it doesn’t have a browser on but it is it useful? That question depends on if you want to take your phone out of your pocket. The Amazon Dash button is another example of a useful product that doesn’t have a browser. It can be viable but there is currently a limited market for this and does that work well in an education setting…probably not.

The iPad could also be placed in this group, I prefer native apps over web apps.

Some things work well without the web. An office suite, games, email applications, all don’t need a web client. What web app would be a deal breaker?